Blog: Design Trends For Exciting Offices

Design Trends For Exciting Offices

We spend a lot of time at work, so having an office that is functional and beautifully designed and decorated is a priority. So if your office is looking out-dated and unexciting try one of these ideas to create an appealing and motivating space you enjoy working in. You may have seen in the media how companies such as Facebook, Google and Uber invest in amazingly innovative office spaces, they develop specially decorated areas for “thinking zones” and even places to nap! Their colour schemes flow throughout the buildings and branding opportunities arise everywhere, but the underlying goal is to have a more motivated workforce and offices that make others proud to want to do business together. So how do you make your office a bit more exciting?

Design Trends For Exciting Offices

Use Chalkboards, Whiteboards Or Pinboards

Boards provide a great way to keep schedules and appointments easy to view. A large board is a good choice if you enjoy brainstorming or collaborate with others. Specialist chalkboard paint can be used to create a whole blackboard wall to provide plenty of space to explore ideas and keep everyone up-to-date.

Invest In Accessories To Get Organised

Everyone could benefit from getting a little more organised in the office and the beauty of accessories is that they can be easily changed to alter the whole feel of a space. Accessories are available in so many styles from bold bright and modern to classic and traditional so there are ranges to suit any style.

Choose functional or pretty depending on your taste and invest in files and folders, letter trays, pen pots, keyboards, mouse mats and whatever else makes work just a little bit more fun.

Invest In Some Office Artwork

Staring at plain, boring walls all day can be a bit dispiriting. Brighten up your walls with prints, artwork, postcards or photos. To create easily changeable displays, consider fitting a picture shelf or attaching postcards and photos to walls with washi tape.

Choose Colours To Calm Or Uplift

One of the easiest ways to brighten up an office space is with a change of wall colour. Colour choice can make a huge impact on a space. Some colours are uplifting and stimulating, such as yellow, and some calming, such as green, lilac and blue. Choose warm colours if your room is dark or cool as colours, such as blues and blue-greys, can increase the feeling of chilliness. In an office it is a good idea to steer away from intense reds and other strong, bright colours as these can be overpowering, however strong and bright colours work well as accents against more neutral backdrops.

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