The New Build Painters
We're a specialist New Build Painting Contractor working with House-builders and Main Contractors in Manchester, Liverpool and across the North West.

The New Build Painting Contractor You Can Rely On

Quality, Delivering to Programme and Competitive Rates are the three most important things to our clients, we know this and work every day to ensure this is what we deliver. Our team of new build painters and decorators are successfully working with most of the North Wests’ leading house builders and main contractors. Our vision for the future is to become THE market leading new construction painting contractor known for the quality of its service AND finish. We look past the here and now to engage and build long standing relationships and will do this by consistently delivering exceptional customer service and quality at a reasonable price.

Residential Developments

Residential Developments
Apartment Blocks

Apartment Blocks
Hotels & Other New Construction

Hotels & Other New Construction

Why Work With Us…

  • Proven new build success over many years with fast paced builders
  • Our team of 60+ painters are all fully qualified, new build specialists.
  • 100% CSCS compliant, stable, core workforce.
  • CHAS Premium Plus Accreditation – H&S onsite is very important to us!
  • Competitive rates with Day 1 Final Accounting in mind.
  • Separate Customer Care team on hand for any pre-handover touch ups (Production can keep going!)
  • Ability to handle large projects (£1m+)

Our Core Values

  • Passionate about our business and the service we provide
  • Consistent quality across all our sites through our ISO9001 QA/QC process
  • Forging long lasting relationships with our clients
  • Customer satisfaction measured through surveys before, during and after
  • Professionalism that is apparent from first contact

"Brilliant company to work with - honest, hardworking and very approachable. Labour onsite is consistent, and the final account is always easily agreed. All in all, would highly recommend."

Curtis Huynh - Senior Quantity Surveyor, Bardsley Construction

"Thank you so much for your assistance on sites. The rapid response from your company and overall standard of work has been impeccable."

Martin Opara - Commercial Manager, GallifordTry Partnerships

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